We make great pages.

Precision. Efficiency. Craftmanship. 

Our experience in professional typesetting and print publishing, combined with a long history in ebook production, has equipped us with the technical expertise in design, production, publication and distribution of electronic books.

Professional, meticulous, detail-oriented.  From paper to code.

We create premium quality digital pages with the same craftsmanship and attention as in printed books.

Our ebooks are produced according to industry standard specifications: from reflowable EPUB and MOBI formats to fixed-layout and highly enhanced formats.


Since 1999, Flipside has been specializing in the craft of electronic book publishing.

1999 — Formed as a subsidiary of Barnes & Noble, Inc. as Electronic Publishing Ventures, Inc. (EPVI), in the earliest days of ebooks and print-on-demand (POD). Produced thousand of titles in multiple formats ebook formats, including OEB, Microsoft .LIT, Rocketbook, Softbook and Glassbook, as well as for POD.

2001 — Acquired by CPI Group from Barnes & Noble.

2003 — Management formed Flipside Publishing Services from ex-EPVI after exit by CPI Group.

2010 — Reorganized as Flipside Digital Content Company, Inc.

2011 — Launched e-publishing business to bring English titles from Asia to worldwide markets through ebooks.

2014 — Gained status as an Apple approved ePub Conversion & Delivery House.