Our premise is simple

If there is a task or project that you need fulfilled, we have the manpower and specialists to work as part of your team from our side of the planet.

How Can Flipside Help You Maximize Value in Your Publishing Operations?

Flipside has 26 years of experience and is located in one of the leading BPO hubs in the world.

Back Office Solutions

Delegate to us the burdens of compiling assets, metadata, royalty reports and customer service. We’ll have them ready for you and delivered on time.

Metadata Handling

Does metadata intimidate or confuse you?

Distribution Experts

Taking your titles to market involves multiple processes and communicating with multiple partners.


Any online transaction will require a platform, and for those that require a customized solution, we have a pool of developers that can build you the distribution platform that you need.

Digitization Experts for Print and Digital

Diverse platforms require diverse formats. 

Content Moderation

Businesses looking to build a community or interact with their customers will need some form of content moderation to enforce their codes of conduct or to simply remove offensive content.

Content Creation

We carry a comprehensive range of specialists on our Content Creation team, which includes the following:

Digital Publishing

Flipside is more than a publishing back office. We publish, co-publish, and distribute titles under our own brand.

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