Back Office Solutions

Bookstore Operations

Let us take the headache out of your online bookselling. Our Bookstore Operations Team covers the process from start to finish, including:
• Asset ingestion (title, metadata, cover image) to your bookstore
• Metadata (generation, modification and handling)
• Coordination with Content Providers to normalize failing assets

Sales Tracking

Get clear, consolidated sales reports. Our Sales Tracking Team provides you with timely, accurate reports for sales aggregated from all distribution platforms.

Royalty Processing

Stay on top of your Royalty Disbursements. Our Royalty Processing handles calculation, reporting, and remittances for sales from each of your distribution platforms.

Customer Service

Keep your customers happy and maintain engagement with our cheerful digital bookselling Customer Service. Our team has extensive experience handling all aspects of the digital bookselling process and is available to troubleshoot any end user concerns that arise along the way.

Data Entry

Encoding is a time and labor intensive task, so optimize your business processes by letting us shoulder this burden.


To make the most out of your content, you need metadata to enable filtering, sorting, and tracking. Our Tagging service makes adding metadata pain-free.